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The Unofficial XaAES Page
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FreeMiNT/XaAES - The MultiTOS of today
FreeMiNT, the Atari OS of today, can be installed in many ways. From advanced setups that take a unix-like approach all the way over to stripped down installations consisting of just the bare essentials. Regardless of which, the FreeMiNT/XaAES combination is todays MultiTOS and as a user you can chose to have it installed to match your preferences.
A good way to get introduced to FreeMiNT/XaAES is to try EasyMiNT out. EasyMiNT is an installation program for SpareMiNT RPM's. SpareMiNT is a distribution of RPM-packages for FreeMiNT, but does not include an installer.
XaAES desktop screenshot
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 2006-09-27 XaAES pre-alpha (68000-only!)
 2006-07-16 XaAES alpha (binary update)
 2006-04-08 XaAES alpha (Latest full package)
 2005-12-31 XaAES alpha
 2005-09-04 XaAES alpha
 EasyMiNT installer (Updated 2006-07-07)
 SpareMiNT kernel binaries (Official releases)
XaAES related applications
Here you will find binaries that are supporting XaAES specific feautures or in other ways particularly relevant for XaAES users.

  XaAESnap 0.10b (Snapshot module, used by XaAES as of 2006-04-16)
  Taskbar 3.99b beta
  AtarICQ 0.168 (from 2006-04-15, supporting XaAES keynav & scrollwheel function)
  AtarIRC v2.04 (from 2005-12-31, supporting the keynav in XaAES)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find a number of commonly asked questions bundled with corresponding answers. If you have a general question regarding XaAES, chances are you will find the answer to it here. Before asking questions on the webforum or MiNT mailing list, have a look here first! :)
  1. Exactly what is XaAES?
    XaAES is a modern replacement for the AES from Atari's MultiTOS. The combination FreeMiNT+XaAES hence is the successor to MultiTOS.
  2. Does XaAES work with MagiC or TOS?
    No, XaAES is written explicitly for FreeMiNT so it will not run without it. To be precise, XaAES is a FreeMiNT module and requires a recent kernel to run.
  3. What hardware does XaAES require to run?
    Development is targeting Atari compatible hardware running a 68030 (or better) CPU. Binaries for 68000 are supplied too, but are largely untested.
  4. Where do I find the latest XaAES version?
    This webpage will always host the latest versions of FreeMiNT and XaAES, so create a bookmark for http://xaaes.atariforge.net :)
  5. Who is developing XaAES?
    XaAES is maintained via FreeMiNT CVS, allowing anyone interested to join in. At the time of writing this, the most active developer by far is Odd Skancke (aka Ozk) with contributions mostly from current FreeMiNT maintainer Frank Naumann.
  6. What software does not work correctly with XaAES?
    The list of incompatible applications and tools are growing shorter. The most often mentioned exceptions are vconsoles and external file selectors such as Selectric or Boxkite. Some has reported that such file selectors might actually run, but useage of those are discouraged since they are all using a dirty hack to install themselves. Instead, the aim is to improve the built-in file selector and perhaps also create a modern API to allow for third party selectors as well. Vconsoles is not directly incompatible with XaAES, the problem is that it is coded in a way that recent FreeMiNT kernels disapprove of. Since current XaAES relies on a fairly new kernel, vconsoles sources has to be cleaned up before it can become compatible with the CVS binaries.
  7. How do I install XaAES?
    There is currently no up-to-date installer that will do the work for you. You can either:
    • Install FreeMiNT/XaAES from scratch manually
    • Install FreeMiNT/XaAES using the EasyMiNT installer, and then update your installation manually with current FreeMiNT kernel and XaAES
    -See #Appendix A - installation notes
    -See FreeMiNT beta version release docs for reference.

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