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Conholio - A console for XaAES
Conholio sets out to replace other consoles like eg. Toswin with a faster and more accurate solution. This project is developed specifically with XaAES in mind but chances are it is useable under N.AES as well. The memory footprint might be considered high (probably a couple of Mb) but this is intentional - speed has the higher priority over memory useage. Since Conholio is in beta many things are still largely untested, so you use it on your own risc.  
News/additions to Conholio 0-8
  • implemented paste. Not copy though.
  • multiple windows
  • menu bars
  • scrollback
  • implemented G0 and G1 character set handling
  • added internal 8x8 and 8x16 fonts
  • added encoding tables for Atari, CP437, CP850 and ISO8859-something
  • umlauts and graphical characters stuff now works properly
  • GEM.FNT fonts can be used now (provided that there are 256 characters / 8 pixels wide)
  • fullscreen mode now works on any hardware
  • on the falcon, fullscreen mode uses mode data from SoP
  • fixed a bug in the monochrome rendering code
  • highlighted text is now bold in mono mode
  • faster redraws w. less flicker due to some internal optimizations
  • optimized render code a bit
  • snapping now acts differently based on screen depth & format
  • found a couple of dangerous situations where Conholio could lose focus in
  • fullscreen mode without reverting into windowed mode. Hopefully that's fixed now.
  • fixed a retarded thing which messed up newline characters
  • fixed a very bad bug which made fullscreen slower
  • tested Conholio w. VTTEST. Some stuff works, some doesn't :-D
  • Some minor stuff not worth mentioning, probably introduced some new bugs
 Conholio 0.8 (2010-09-13)
 Conholio 0.7r (2010-07-12)
 Conholio 0.5b (2010-02-25)

Program information
Conholio boasts the following notable features:
  • Xterm-compatible mouse support (try 'lynx -use_mouse')
  • Tabbed consoles
  • Fullscreen & windowed modes
  • VT102 & linux console compatibility

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