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The Unofficial XaAES Page
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Chapter 1 - The Unofficial XaAES Documentation 4. Scroll lists

As an intuitive way of displaying information, XaAES introduces scroll lists. Basically they are lists with different kind of contents, e.g. plain text, directory contents, etc. When the contents size exceeds the work area of the scroll list, you can use the arrow widgets or the slider bar to scroll to the part you wish to review. The idea behind them are by no means new when it comes to graphical user interfaces but so far no other AES for Atari computers has made use of them in this way at the system level. XaAES supports 2 basic display modes for scroll lists, a tree view and a flat view. This can easily be spotted in the file selector where both modes are available. If the tree view mode is used you can expand an entry by clicking on the plus symbol () next to the list entry. When the contents of this entry has been expanded the symbol changes the plus symbol into a minus symbol () to illustrate that if you click it again, the expanded contents of the entry will collapse back into its original state.

Flat viewTree view

XaAES windows that make use of scroll lists are the file selector (
6.3) and the info windows About (6.2.1) and System log (6.2.2).



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