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About this page
The intention with this page is to offer people interested in XaAES a place to go, when looking for binaries to test and to read about the latest significant changes. The FreeMiNT/XaAES binaries that you can download from this site are compiled from FreeMiNT CVS at a time when the developers (Ozk or Frank) considers things to be in a state that makes FreeMiNT/XaAES fit for public tests. This way, it will be easier to track down bugs since it might be possible to verify the exact sources used to compile the tested binary. Hence, you can say that while this site is an unofficial XaAES download bay, it offers compilations made exclusively from the official sources. While we can't guarantee that the binaries will work for you on your setup, we will however make sure not to release binaries that contain any known serious bugs.
Got feedback regarding the website? Then either contact the webmaster on ICQ (UIN#1511021) or via email (gokmase@gmail.com). If none of those options are acceptable you can also make your voice heard on the XaAES forum.

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