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2006-10-12 Interview with Henk Robbers republished
Following the interview with XaAES founder Craig Graham, we are now republishing an interview that was originally made by Jo van de Gruiter for MyAtari.net back in 2003. Thanks to Matt Bacon for the permission to reuse the article.

Henk Robbers interview >>
2006-10-01 Atari ST compatibility for XaAES?
We would like to know what kind of interest there is in keeping FreeMiNT/XaAES compatible with Atari computers that lack the PMMU. There are some big changes in the pipe for the FreeMiNT kernel and XaAES. To achieve the goals with these changes, the upcoming code will rely heavily on the PMMU, which obviously is a piece of hardware that is not present in the Atari ST/e/fm.
To be able to make a fair decision, Ozk wants to know many people there still are out there who are interested in running FreeMiNT/XaAES on their 68000 machines. If the number of interested users turns out to be real low, the ST compatibility is likely to be dropped when the upcoming changes are introduced. Thus, if you have a comment on this issue, now is the time to share it.
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2006-09-27 FreeMiNT/XaAES for the ST - pre-alpha
As many of you certainly are aware of, FreeMiNT/XaAES have not been running on 68000 machines since XaAES was turned into a kernel module. Reason for this was mainly the lack of test equipment, a problem that has been cured since. Todays very early pre-alpha binary of FreeMiNT/XaAES consist of 3 subdirectories, and if copied onto the root dir of your boot disk it should enable you to boot right into XaAES with Teradesk launched as desktop. Also note that the sysdir is 1-17-cur for this particular version of FreeMiNT. In order to use this version of FreeMiNT/XaAES you should have at least 4Mb of RAM. If you have an Atari with 020 or better CPU you are adviced to use the latest alpha release instead of this 000-specific build.
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2006-08-31 Articles section added to website
A new section has found its way onto the XaAES website: Articles! The main purpose of this new section is to have a place for shorter articles and interviews that are not part of the actual XaAES documentation. The first addition to this new section is a short interview with the original XaAES programmer, Craig Graham. :
Craig Graham interview >>
2006-08-09 Eiffel support & Atari ST compatibility
If you have an Atari ST(e) with more than 2mb of RAM at hand you may be interested to learn that FreeMiNT/XaAES yet again is usable on such a setup! This may well be the first time that XaAES can be used on such hardware after it was turned into a kernel module. Early test suggests that on a 4mb setup you can have as much as >2mb of free RAM after loading Teradesk!
Since there is currently a new module API in the works, chances are that some things like eg. task manager, resolution switcher, etc can be made optional in the future, leaving even more RAM to use applications.
On another note, XaAES now has built-in support for the Eiffel. It is still early days but now the mouse scroll wheel works right out of the box, no need a particular VDI or TSR. It just works! A new alpha release will however have to wait until the current module API is ready, so please be patient.
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