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2010-02-25 Conholio 0.5b released
PeP has just added the finishing touches to his console project Conholio. The aim is to supply a console that can offer a siginificantly faster performance than that of Toswin. In addition to this you will also notice that Conholio can do some things that other consoles can't. Such things include eg. full screen display and some experimantal eye candy. The author lists the following additions since last beta:
  • Cursor! Yay!
  • New VT102 terminal back-end, written from scratch (feedback is needed)
  • VT52 compatibility mode (depreciated, but it's there)
  • Better handling of colours & attributes
  • Faster rendering
  • Smaller memory footprint
  • Different font heights
  • Different terminal sizes
  • Xterm style mouse support (try 'lynx -use_mouse')
Conholio is developed specifically with XaAES in mind but chances are it is useable under N.AES as well. The memory footprint might be considered high (probably a couple of Mb) but this is intentional - speed has the higher priority over memory useage. Since Conholio is in beta many things are still largely untested, so you use it on your own risc.

Download Conholio here >>
2009-07-09 FreeMiNT - things are moving on
While the XaAES sides of MiNT have rarely been changed in quite a long time (which indeed have reflected the amount of updates on this website), other areas of the OS has seen more activity during early 2009. Many people have put great efforts into binutils, MiNTlib and there is also GCC 4.3.3 available now. It seems people have started targetting the Coldfire, now that the ACP team appears to have gained new powers, hence CF-compatibility in MiNTlib is being worked on. On the XaAES note there has been at least one bugfix commited to CVS, correcting a problem where keyboard input wasn't directed to the seleted form in a dialog. The guy submitting this bugfix, Helmut Karlowski, has recently declared on the MiNT mailing list that he has intentions to improve a couple of things in XaAES. So far his list of changes span over these:
  • File selector (faster, better handling)
  • DO_FORM dialogs (better handling)
  • List windows (ability to copy to clipboard)
In addition to this, Alan Hourihane recently located and fixed a bug (from what it seems only striking when an Eiffel PS/2 adapter is used) in the kernels keyboard handler. This bug would result in continous keypresses, even when a key had been released. We'll await the XaAES patches from Helmut and then it may be time for a new binary snapshot to be uploaded here. It's about time really :)

2007-09-16 FreeMiNT dev update #2
Some of the recent work on FreeMiNT has found its way onto the CVS server but there is more to come shortly. The kernel is now equipped with support for loadable/unloadable modules. This makes it possible to only have the necessary functionality loaded into RAM. The first working example of this is that the resolution changing function has been turned into several modules:
  • Videl
  • Nova (All models using Nova VDI)
  • Milan
So what is the beauty of all this? Well you can have all of the above modules in place and only the one that fits is loaded, instead of having all that code in the AES binary. In the future even things like the Taskmanager and the File selector will be turned into such modules, but this will not take place until after the next beta release. Currently, the aim is to test and stabilize the latest additions and then submit them to CVS. Once this step has been taken, there should be a new FreeMiNT beta release following shortly after.

2007-07-29 FreeMiNT dev update #1
There have been a period of time during which we have had little dev work going on with the FreeMiNT project. While no groundbreaking changes has been made lately, a new beta release is still planned for in the near future. Beside the usual amount of minor fixes FreeMiNT is now compiled with the GCC 4.2.0, which is the very latest version available. Currently, the aim is to get this new FreeMiNT release out to the public and then get back to developing the FreeMiNT concept further. The main attention will be put to equipping the kernel with support for ELF binaries.

2007-02-11 Interview with Odd Skancke (aka Ozk)
A new interview is ready and waiting in the article section of this website! This time the turn has come to Odd Skancke, main developer of XaAES. You can expect to read a little bit about his past as well as his thought on the future.

Odd Skancke interview >>
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